August 21, 2012

Since Nick and I don't yet know the gender of our baby, we've been eyeing gender neutral clothing, toys and goodies.  I'm not a huge, "this must be girl, this must be boy" kind of person anyways so even when we do know the sex of our baby, we'll still probably lean to gender neutral colors and items. I like natural colors and toys and as much as I'll try to avoid plastic toys I know they'll make their way into our home at some point (I've heard it's inevitable!)  I figure while the baby is still tiny and has no opinion on what he or she has, we'll fill the house with wood and natural toys and hope that becomes their preference. These are just a few of the things I've got on my baby wish list so far!  

// Geo Blanket - Can not find original source. Anyone?


  1. OH MY GOSH. This makes me want another baby so badly! Love ALL these items like crazy!

  2. those pants and that puzzle. i might have to add them to stella's 1 year wish list!!


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