Over the weekend...

October 24, 2011

This past weekend was filled with so much goodness. The Flea was super awesome- we had one of the best turnouts to date and our space was just....well, amazing.  Thank you to everyone who came out! Aside from a fantastic day of flea market fun, we volunteered with the kids at church, went to brunch with my mom, bought some new hiking boots for our trip to Yosemite this week (!!!), celebrated nick's birthday with his family and took a nap. We're tired, happy and excited. This vacation of ours can't come soon enough- just two days away! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

1. me and my beef cake
2. beefy taking in all the sights and smells at the Flea.
3. Hubby and Will on their way up to the DJ platform
4. Signage
5. Flea entrance
6 & 7. Flea
8. My new boots!


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  2. If your dogs name really beefy? Because if so then that is awesome.

  3. Ha! No, his name is Clyde but biff, beefy, beef cake, cliff, monkey, and bubba among other names are fairly common around our house :)


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