Around the house

August 8, 2011

As we continue to put bits and pieces of our home together, I managed to snap some shots of some of my favorite things we've got laying around this house of ours.  We're so excited to reveal the "finished" product one of these days, if there  even is such a thing when it comes to the design and decor aspect of your house.  We're constantly wanting to add new elements and i'm sure as we evolve, so will this home. Anyways, here are some of my (current) favorite things:


  1. Wow is that your back porch!? So green out there! Things look lovely. =)

  2. looks great, linz! love the little details, and the house itself looks ridiculously cute. can't wait to see it sometime soon!

  3. Justine! It's actually our front porch :) that photo is deceiving- looks like we live in the rainforest!

    Em- bring it, girl!


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