June 15, 2011

Well, here it is- the blue house. Our house. We haven't closed yet so I'm not revealing too much should something unfortunate happen, but after the weekend's home inspection its hard to foresee any major problems arising. (fingers, toes, elbows and eyebrows crossed)

Nick and I are just so happy that we found our home. We've been searching long and hard for "the one" for almost 10 months and after walking through this one a second time, all feels right. The others didn't work out because this one did and was supposed to. It's such an overwhelming feeling to know that this is where our family will start. Where memories that involve more that just him and I will be shared. Every time I look at the photos of this beautiful blue house i'm overcome with thankfulness. Thankful that I live the life I do- I'm truly blessed.

I can't wait to share more photos soon!


  1. sounds lovely- so happy for you two! :) michael and i are working on getting through our house inspection today too- what are the chances!? we could all be homeowners by next week! life is surreal isn't it?


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