June 14, 2011

Today I feel good. I feel like anything's possible and is that not the best feeling in the world?  Im beyond lucky that my husband and I can talk about dreams that most of the time seem unrealistic- that even though they may seem unrealistic, i'm confident we'll find a way to make them reality.  So often family and friends roll their eyes when I share another one of my silly fantasies but I always think, if I didn't dream, how would anything be possible at all?  When we dream, we dream of:

Traveling to every country in the world. Buying an airstream with our best friends and traveling the entire country together. Moving to europe for a year with our family. Growing our business into full time jobs. Working with kids in Africa.  Having enough money to own a home where our family is and a small apartment in brooklyn.  Endless spring days spent at the park.  Opening a local coffee shop.  Starting the small children's clothing line i've been dreaming of.  

It's all overwhelming at times- to be such a dreamer.  It's my blessing and my curse.  I would not be the person I am if i wasn't such a thinker, but I often times wonder if I could find contentment much easier if my mind and heart weren't constantly searching for something bigger?  

This life that we live is a blessed one and  I'm lucky for more reasons than I can count.....
So here's to dreaming and never letting anyone stand in the way of what makes you truly happy ♥ 


  1. good for you for dreaming big....even better having a true love to share it with. it will take you far dear!

  2. I think our men were cut from the same mold. lucky us :)

  3. exactly what i needed to read this morning as i was feeling defeated. thank u.


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