October 22, 2014

This season sure has been sweet so far. This past weekend we took our little to the pumpkin patch for the fist time and it was such a blast. She is at such a fun age where everything is just....fun! She is excited and engaged in everything we do with her. I swear, having a kid is like reliving childhood in a whole new, appreciated way. 

Nick and I also spent our very first night away from our girl this past weekend to celebrate our 5th anniversary and Nicks' birthday. It was wonderful and as much as we missed her, we are so glad we took a night to celebrate just us. 

and ps. for all my Cincinnati readers. I'm working on a city guide and can't wait to share some of our favorite places with you! Be on the lookout next week sometime! 


October 17, 2014

This morning we took a walk around the neighborhood to collect some fall treasures and talk about the different colors and sounds the leaves from falling trees make, and why they fall. Ru mostly likes to crumple them in her hands and stomp on them, but once we got home to hang our findings in her toy corner of the family room she was all, 'soooo pityy.' Bringing the outdoors in has always been something I really enjoy and I think Ruthie loves that she has her own fall decorations on display too. 


October 16, 2014

I am so, so excited to share with you all the newest project from the genius and heart of my friend Liz - Haven Magazine - an incredibly inspiring, beautiful, photo essay magazine about journeying and what it means to be and find home. Liz and a small team traveled to India this past summer to dive into the culture and community, working with an organization called Freeset which provides work and sanctuary to women who have been trafficked. The amazing thing about this project is that ALL (All!) proceeds from Volume 1 are going directly to Freeset. The photography from this issue is stunning and the words just the same. It has been a dream to work a little bit on this project with Liz and I can't wait to share more about it here. If you can, please visit the Haven campaign page to watch a beautiful video about the project and to order a copy of the first issue! 

ps. I stole that second image from the evening Liz hosted a contributors dinner party and kind of love it. Being surrounded by creative, genuine souls really really makes me so happy. 


October 12, 2014

Fall. My seasonal love language and forever favorite time of year. I stole some recent photos from my instagram feed to post here to share what the beginning of fall has looked like around our home. It's simple and cozy and filled with knit and coffee and crunchy leaf playing and pretty things all around. Cheers fall. You can stay as long as you'd like.

ps. thanks to everyone who came down to the October Flea yesterday. It was an amazing day.


October 10, 2014

HEY Y'ALL! Tomorrow, 10-4 at Washington Park (Cincinnati) we are hosting the final 'regular' Flea of the year! It's been pouring rain all day today but things are looking mighty fine for tomorrow. We're super excited about one last hurrah before our holiday events kick off next month. If you are in the area, come down and say hey (and buy some really rad stuff!) 


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