October 12, 2015

We are settling quite nicely into our sweet little rental home. It is just what we wanted for this next year and will be the perfect place to welcome our new little babe. It's an odd thing, knowing you will be moving again in a year or so. I so badly want to settle in completely and truly but I know OUR home is waiting for us this next year. I am missing our old home which still very much feels like ours and that we'll be going home soon. I think mostly it's the familiarity of what home becomes over time. The smell, the creaks of the floor, the turn of each door knob - all the things that collectively make a home. It wasn't where we wanted to stay forever and now was the time to go but it is still hard to leave your first house and a house we loved at that. If you are curious - we are taking the plunge and doing something a little bit scary, a lot a bit exciting and for sure where are hearts are. We are building a home in downtown Cincinnati in our favorite little neighborhood, Over The Rhine. I'll be sharing more of that journey once we break ground (hopefully in the next month or two.) We have been designing and drawing plans for the last, almost year, and to finally see how this is all coming together is so, so exciting. Until then I'm trying to enjoy our little slice of quaint neighborhood - I've loaded up on the Halloween candy to pass out because i've been told our street is THE SPOT for trick or treaters and if there is one thing i've always wanted, it is to sit on my front porch and pass out candy! (nerd alert!) More soon...


September 11, 2015

Geesh! I sure haven't been around this space in quite some time and it feels good to be here, letting my fingers do the talking. So much has happened since the last time I posted back in early June. If you aren't following me over on IG then you may not know, we are having ANOTHER BABY GIRL, have been traveling and we're moving at the end of the month - kind of a whirlwind of a summer but we're very excited for all the lies ahead. 

So this new baby girl - it's pretty crazy honestly - another girl. Before having Ru I always felt that i'd be the mama to only boys and I had come to love that idea. Just a mama and her boys and then after having Ru, I couldn't imagine a child any other way besides the exact way that she was. She is the girl of my dreams and raising a little lady has been a gift beyond words. This second pregnancy has felt SO different from my first and that had me convinced it was a boy. I was wrapping my head around one sweet girl and one sweet boy and falling in love with the little boy I was growing. We found out earlier in the week that this little bug is actually a little girl and oh my goodness, the idea of TWO little girls is so foreign yet so, so exciting for us. I myself don't have a sister so being able to give Ru the gift of sisterhood is I think, what i'm most excited for. They are going to be quite the pair, I just know. Already Ru is so in love with baby sister, hugging my belling constantly telling sister how much she loves her and how she can't wait to show her her books and hold her hand. It still is a little hard for me to grasp how I'm going to love this new babe the same way I love my big girl but I know I will. I know it will be different and I'll have to navigate time and attention for them both but this mama love is fierce and my heart will find its way. Also, papa with his two girls - the cute might just kill me dead. 

Oh and we're also moving in two weeks! Gah! We sold our home in less than a day and found a super charming little rental house in a great neighborhood. Fenced in back yard, big wide sidewalks and some of our favorite places within biking distance. We are sad to leave this home of ours but excited for new things. Our plan is to hunker down there for a year or so while we work on building our dream home in the city. More on that later! I'm off now to wipe down some 2 year old I know who's covered in potting soil, paint and avocado. This season of life is pretty dang sweet. 


June 3, 2015

We welcome it, resent it, ask it to slow down, ask it to move faster. It is the thing in most of our lives that we are constantly fighting against and pushing towards. Some days it is on our side and others, it feels like we are swimming against it, drowning.

Each day that passes my daughter keeps getting smarter, funnier, more in tune with everything around her and aware of the fact that she is indeed transitioning out of babyhood. It's such a sweet time - watching and helping her grow. Often she'll claim she's a big girl now but sometimes she still says she's a baby and needs to be extra close. The passing of time around here for us is sweet and bitter. We have a really big year planned and  I'm doing my best to remember that what I have right now is today. What's to come is exciting but if I dwell on it too much, I'll miss what is happening right now and right now is so good.


May 12, 2015

I've got three mother's days under my belt now and I have to admit, they just keep getting sweeter and sweeter each year. Maybe it this year felt extra delicious because my girl could pick me flowers and hold my face in her little hands to say 'I love you mommy.' Whatever it was, it sure was sweet and I love nothing more than being this girl's mama. She's my light, my joy, my heart. 

Also wanted to send a belated happy mother's day to all the mama's out there - the mama's in waiting, the mama's wanting to be and the women who take care of someone in that nurturing, motherly way. You are all wonderful and lovely and deserving of a day to celebrate you. 


May 1, 2015

Whew! Happy Friday! I tell you what. This week has been a doozy. Our girl came down with a fever on Sunday and it didn't break until Thursday morning. Our dog also came down with an infection on Sunday that was less than pretty and so our house this past week has been a sick filled disaster. Thankfully, everyone is now on the mend and my girl is going on hour 4 of her nap (talk about getting over sickness) and the boy is basking in a sunny spot in the kitchen. We are looking forward to a weekend not filled with 100 obligations and just being able to enjoy some easy time together. I'm predicting lots of iced coffee's, parks, a bike ride and maybe some grilling on the back deck. TGIF, friends!


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